Sunday, 10 January 2016

My First Week Back

Happy New Year Amigos!!!

The Christmas Break was the most necessary and wonderful break EVER. I managed to relax and get work done; had a lie in pretty much every day and ate loads of food and I honestly think that THIS is the key to greatness and maximum productivity. (Food, Relaxation and BEAUTIFUL SLEEP)


So being back at school has thrown me off balance a bit because I have to wake up early in the morning and the times during the holiday where I would have been stuffing my face with food, I'm now learning about Abolitionism, Sonnets and watching Zimbardo talk about Aggression. (I don't actually know how I survived this week now I look back at it)


Surprisingly, however, it was a really lovely first week back. Although the thought of mock exams, which are starting on the 18th, has been looming- I have tried (key word-tried) to revise. I am finding it a bit difficult to do the whole 'being in school and also revising’ thing but I'm attempting to keep calm and be more productive . 


One thing I learnt this week (and it wasn't on the curriculum) is that happiness is a choice. Instead of being miserable because the holiday was over, I was resolute that I was going to start the term being positive. I was going to be in the moment, actually LISTEN in my lessons and enjoy my break and lunchtimes and not spend all my time panicking about school OR wishing I was at home watching Elf.


Following through with this made me feel so much happier, the week went quickly and relatively smoothly and I could actually tell you what I learnt this week in quite a bit of detail (yay me!).


So bring on WEEK TWO!!!


I hope you all had a lovely first week back and I hope that if you didn't (even if you did in fact) that you have a wonderful rest of the term. Block the negativity, Keep Positive and Eat Chocolate (and maybe an Apple or something).


Keep Smiling!


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