Wednesday, 28 September 2016

University Tales: My first week (and a bit)

Journey to Uni

Early in the morning on the 17th of September I was up and ready to start the 2hour journey to the University of Birmingham. I didn’t feel nervous or scared I just felt ready. Ready to finally leave my home town and go to University. 
I arrived, set up my room, met my housemates and chilled with my family. When my family left the morning after I expected to be hit with an overwhelming sense of loneliness but it didn’t come- I felt at home. 

Freshers Week 
Freshers week consisted of me getting lost on my way to the University, getting lost in the University, meeting people randomly and going out with them, chatting until late hours with my housemates and feeling incredibly tired by the end of the day. In addition to all of this there was the freshers and societies fair which were great. From the Refugees Welcome Society to the Women’s Association I found loads of interesting things to sign up to. There were also tons of freebies and it was a great way to meet other freshers (oohhh and get £1 Dominoes). 

Going Out (Exploring the Uni and the City)

There is this false perception that one HAS to party every single night during Freshers but that really isn’t the case. Freshers Week is what you make it. I went out with people, baked cupcakes in halls with some girls I met and spent some evenings at freshers event a local church was (which so far has been the best way to meet LOADS of people in a nice environment). Basically I spent the week really taking in the environment and going with the flow on my terms.

I really enjoyed Freshers Week because I did what I wanted to do. I wasn’t afraid to be alone sometimes, to start conversations with random people and to really embrace being in what seems to be a very disorganised atmosphere. 

As much as I poke fun at my disorganisation I really like structure but fresher’s week has no structure. Don’t get me wrong Bham had a clear timetable of events and kept you up to date about everything on social media, however University is a new environment so you don’t know where anything is and you also don’t know what you’re doing but the great thing is, no one does so you’re never alone.

My Conclusion about Freshers Week 
You can’t plan or control what is going to happen during fresher’s week. You will probably get lost, you will forget what events are going on, where and what time they are. You will meet random people in the most random situations but you just have to GO WITH IT ON YOUR OWN TERMS, DON'T DO WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO BUT  BE OPEN TO NEW PEOPLE AND EXPERIENCES. 

I have had four lectures so far for my compulsory modules of:
Classical Political Thought
An Introduction to International Relations Theory 
Political Economy
Understanding Politics

As the lectures are for everyone who has Politics or International Relations named in their degree, I’m in a lecture hall with about 400 other students. For someone who comes from a very small sixth form it’s all so strange but I am looking forward to the lively discussions and opposing views during the lectures and seminars (which are with about 20 people). 

Final Words
So far, so good. I’m trying to get to grips with the idea that I will get things wrong, I will get lost and confused but it’ll all be fun if I keep an open mind. 

University is a bit of a jungle at the moment but my Uni has a great atmosphere and I’m really excited to start being part of societies ranging from sports to societies for ethnic minority students and feminists. 

I also seem to have a lot of passionate people on my course (Politics and International Relations) so I’m really looking forward to getting into debates, learning a lot and being exposed to different points of view. 

My hope 
I’m hoping to leave first term with a lot of knowledge about politics, a clearer idea of where things are on my campus and in the city and loads new experiences *fingers crossed*. 
I hope you all had a great Fresher’s Week and if you’ve just started or are starting soon GOOD LUCK

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Keep Smiling 
Itunu :)

Look at how pretty my University is!!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Update: I'm going to University!!!

Hola Bonitos. It seems so bizarre to finally be writing this I AM GOING TO UNIVERSITY!!!

It’s been a long road *cue the dramatic music* and I thought I wouldn’t make it. There were tears, headaches, lessons where I sat there half-asleep, sleepless nights, mornings I Usain Bolt sprinted for the bus (eww) but it’s all over. I am finally going to the University of Birmingham to study Politics and International Relations and I am so (insert word for a culmination of every feeling ever).

The fact that I’m writing this one week before I pack my things and become a fully-fledged Brummie is a testament to the fact that I can’t believe this is happening. I don’t really know how to feel about it all. I am excited, but it’s the kind of excitement before you go on a rollercoaster. You stand in the queue buzzing but you’re also hoping that you don’t fall out of the ride or throw-up. It’s like excitement and fear mixed with confusion. Am I ready for this? Can I do this? Will I even like it?

There are so many questions but right now there aren’t any answers and I’m embracing that somewhat wholeheartedly. This is not a situation I can organise in chronological order, I just have to jump in.

The amount of advice I have received over the past few months is enough to write a whole other post. From ‘Stay away from ALL boys’ to ‘Make sure you go to seminars’, everyone has been intent on sharing their nuggets of wisdom with me. I thought if I could take into consideration all that has been said to me I could curate a fool-proof way to BOSS this University shebang. Like Ned’s Classified School Survival Guide but for University.

However, one piece of advice I will take to heart is that I should remember that this is my experience. As much as I should appreciate advice, I need to remember to focus on what I want to get out of University.

I’ve joined the University Facebook pages to stay in the loop, got my Freshers week ticket (we’ll see what’s going to happen about that) and received my accommodation and student ID card so it’s all getting a bit real.

But I am so ready (or at least embracing the fact that I’m not ready).
I’m planning to post every Thursday during my time at University so keep on the lookout for my University Tales from the 22nd of September.

If you’re going to The University of Birmingham, or you’re doing my course (Politics and International Relations) feel free to drop me a comment or tweet, I would love to connect with you. (Lol why do I sound like a middle aged man???) But yeah feel free to comment below, tweet or DM me.

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