Wednesday, 19 August 2015


1. Be honest about how you feel about results day

If you're scared, say that you're scared. If you're confident, say you're confident. It is important to acknowledge how you are feeling about results day. If you are feeling very negative about it spend the rest of today channelling happy vibes and don't dwell on the negative feelings.

2. Open your results away from your friends
Now, everyone opens their results differently, so this is just my opinion. What I do is go away from friends, open the envelope, take in the grades (call my loved ones and let them know my grades) and then go back to my friends. For me, this has been the best way because you are able to take time to look closely at your grades and think about anything you have to address, instead of getting wrapped up in the grades of those around you.

3. Look at your results carefully
There is a tendency to look at your main grade and just accept it, however on your results sheet there is a breakdown of what you received on the individual papers. So if you get lower than expected in a certain subject look at the breakdown because it may be that a lower grade in a certain paper has brought your main grade down. If you think that you should have got higher in a subject, speak to a teacher or exam officer, because you may find that you were only a few points off the next grade and you could consider getting your paper remarked.

4. Don't compare your grades to other peoples
You can be happy about your results regardless of what good grades look like to those around you. If you worked hard for that C, be proud of yourself. Same thing goes for if you got a B but you really wanted an A, you are allowed to be annoyed but again don't dwell on it- it's not the end of the world and remember you've still done very well. You know how hard you worked, you know what grades you wanted, so don't compare your results to anyone else's because everyone expects different things.

5. You don't have to tell everyone your grades
If you want to tell people your exact grades, that's 100% fine but remember you don't have to. You can tell people you are happy with your grades, or that they weren’t as good as expected but it's onwards and upwards. Don't feel pressured to broadcast your grades or even your feelings about grades on social media or to those around you. They are YOUR grades, so you can do what you want with them. (However, I would advise that you tell someone your grades, don't keep them to yourself especially if you aren't happy with them, and remember: a problem shared is a problem halved).
6. Whatever grades you get it's not the end of the world
Right, I say this as a complete drama-queen about everything so you can trust me: you have several opportunities to improve your grades in 6th form and college. Don't let your grades define you. If you do worse than expected let that motivate you to work harder, if you do better than expected let that also motivate you to continue working hard.
All the best for tomorrow GCSE guys! If you have any questions leave them in the comments section below and I will try my best to answer them.

Keep Smiling

Itunu :)

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